Customer Testimonials

From our Veterinary Clients


We have been using Pennsylvania Mobile for ultrasound services for years. Our rural practice has many clients who find it much easier to have their pets scanned at a familiar location.

The procedure is professional and complete and includes the option to have fine needle aspirates done on questionable organs and lymph nodes.

Reports are thorough, quick, and include a plan or options for further diagnostics or treatment.

The cost is reasonable and the scheduling efficient. We have used stat reports to go straight to surgery with identified foreign bodies instead of lengthy barium study series.

This service has been a great addition to our practice and convenience to our clients.


I have been using PA Mobile LLC for the last six years. PA mobile is an excellent service, especially in the level of detail of diagnostic imaging reports.

The reports, recommendations, and analysis of findings are thorough and very helpful in creating treatment plans for my patients. PA mobile replies to service requests promptly, and results always arrive in a timely manner, usually within one day.

I would definitely recommend these expert services to any veterinarian.

CVP has been using PA Mobile services for many years. We are very satisfied with scheduling as she can usually be in the area within 48 hours. The images are great and the report is prompt. Questions are answered and there is open communication.
Appropriate diagnostics and procedures are provided. Very happy with PA Mobile's ability to accommodate the needs of our patients.

From our Pet Parents

Willow, Ryker and Jessica

Rebekah Jakum with Pennsylvania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services has performed 3 ultrasounds for my pets. The first two reports were on our German shorthair pointer after she fell ill with an autoimmune disease, and after she ate a corn cob to check for obstruction.

Our 3rd ultrasound with Rebekah was for our chihuahua/yorkie mix to determine the type and severity of his heart murmur.

Rebekah was very prompt with giving my veterinarian her availability for appointments. The report following the ultrasound are very detailed and informative.


PA Mobile performed an ultrasound on my older cat Newt. I was able to be in the room while she scanned my cat. She explained to me what she was looking at while doing his ultrasound. It was nice getting peace of mind, and helpful to get answers.

I would certainly recommend scheduling with PA Mobile!

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