Pennsylvania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services, LLC is a mobile imaging service for veterinarian and clinics in Northeast to South Central Pennsylvania.  It is comprised of veterinarians and technicians who understand the impact that high quality, abdominal and cardiac imaging, done in house, can have on your practice. We work to maximize Diagnostic Efficiency ™ while minimizing the impact on workflow. In turn, this provides a pragmatic approach to clinical sonography in combination with medicine and surgery.  Pennsylania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services works closely with Sonopath and  Sonopath.com™ which is comprised of board certified cardiologists , radiologists, as well as internists, surgeons, practitioners, and sonographers

Imaging is done at your clinic by Rebekah Jakum, CVT/ARDMS/RVT.  Cases are read by Dr. Eric Lindquist, DMV (Italy), DABPV, or another Sonopath specialist of your choice.  Reports provide the referring veterinarian with a full internal medicine approach to the material provided.

We have developed relationships with local practices and mobile surgeons to offer complete veterinary care.

All equipment and telemedicine services are provided. We need about 20 minutes of one staff member's time for a single cavity scan. Sedation is not generally needed but can be used at the practitioner's discretion.